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Modern paradigm of microscopic colitis

The article presents the current state of the problem of rarely yet diagnosed disease – microscopic colitis, including epidemiology, pathogenesis, clinical manifestation, new diagnostic approaches and therapeutic strategy. Освещено современное состояние проблемы относительно редко пока ещё диагностируемого заболевания – микроскопического колита, включая вопросы эпидемиологии, патогенеза, клиники, новых диагностических подходов и терапевтических стратегий. Source:

Connective tissue dysplasia in children

Connective tissue dysplasia (CTD) is a heterogeneous group of connective tissue diseases of a polygenic-multifactorial nature, united in phenotypes on the basis of a commonness of external and / or visceral signs. 

Adhesion molecules: contribution to formation of dysplastic phenotype

Interrelation between the plasma levels of selectins (E, L, P), intercellular (ICAM-1), platelet-endothelial (PECAM-1), and vascular (VCAM-1) cell adhesion molecules and peculiar features of phenotype was determined in 102 patients (79 men and 23 women, aged 21.9±4.4 years) with signs of connective tissue dysplasia